Charqui Dried Meat Biltong Vacuum Packing Machine

Charqui Dried Meat Biltong Vacuum Packing Machine

The equipment is made up of two varieties of doing work chamber:Thermoforming chamber&Warmth sealing chamber.The package deal materials are aluminium foils or a selection of films:clear or opaque, printed or unprinted,adaptable or rigid.They will become gentle and be shaped as for each the die form below heating and air pressure(positive&damaging) in the forming chamber,some cases an auxiliary mould(plug) will assist the shaping approach.There are two varieties of films/foils:Leading film&bottom movie in accordance to their usages in the packing method.CZPTly,film thermoforming refers to the bottom film,best film is the protect.Top&bottom films will be sealed collectively in the warmth sealing chamber. To get a a lot more gorgeous and triaxial vision of the package, the top movies also can be formed into some distinct shapes,it is phone ‘Top Film Thermoforming’.The complete approach is beneath specifically control of PLC,continually and instantly.

Technic Datas:

Model LZ320 LZ420 LZ520
Width of prime movie 296mm 396mm 496mm
Width of base film 322mm 422mm 522mm
Chamber sizes 300 x (two hundred-400) mm 400 x (two hundred-400) mm 500 x (two hundred-600) mm
Optimum forming depth 80mm 80mm 80mm
Producing capability a thousand-11000 pcs/h 1800-16000 pcs/h 2400-18000 pcs/h
Vacuum ≤200Pa ≤200Pa ≤200Pa
Compressed air ≥0.6MPa ≥0.6MPa ≥0.6MPa
Cooling h2o ≥0.15MPa ≥0.15MPa ≥0.15MPa
Electrical power supply 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Power fee seven KW twelve KW 14 KW
Dimension 4500mm X 710mm X 1780mm 7000mm X 900mm X 1800mm 8000mm X 1000mm X 1800mm
Weight 1300kg 2200kg 2800kg
Pumping rate   60~one hundred m³/H   160~two hundred m³/H   300 m³/H
Working speed 5-seven action/min four-6 stage/min 4-5 action/min
Totally free mould two sets two sets two sets

CZPTant message:
*Sort of cutting knife: CZPT reducing,zigzag slicing,rounded corner slicing,etc.
*Solitary/CZPT thermoforming:Only bottom movie thermoforming or Twin films thermoforming(for each leading and base films).
*Fuel inflating and none gas-inflating (such as nitrogen,carbon dioxide)
*Normal machine varieties:LZ320, LZ420, LZ520.

Preparing Functions:

Interface and software that can be related to the feeding robotic is reserved.
Interface for volumetric automatic metering system is reserved.
Interface for all the well-liked electronic scale/weighers is prepared.
Interface for the automatic liquid filling is reserved.
Code, day and batch number,and numerous messages can be printed on every single bundle when printer set up.

Optional Features:

Prime film thermoforming.
Vacuum or none vacuum
Gas/air inflating
Format/die rapidly modify program
Nitrogen producer
Rounded corner chopping knife
Inkjet printer

Merchandise Features:

Exterior large vacuum pump from Busch Germany,no pollution.
Busch Vacuum Pumps and Methods is one particular of the premier makers of vacuum pumps in the planet. Its headquarters is situated in Maulburg (Germany), where the main German manufacturing facility is situated. 
Banner American photoelectric tracking method.
Outfitted with cooling method for heat-sealing chamber.
Electrical power off period and reverse phase protection. 
CZPT leakage security, automatically reduce off energy offer when leakage occur, to safeguard protection of operators. 
Pneumatic elements from AirTAC Inc, key areas (Pneumatic Festo/Vacuum valve/Valve Terminal)from Japan SMC.
Aluminum alloy integral side plate(Patent No.ZL2004200390983),high toughness excellent straightness,hardly to distort.
Drive-pull Siemens smart touch display screen(consist of interaction cables) and Siemens PLC.
Film shifting controller&driver produced by Mitsubishi or by Siemens.
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail technique of printer made by German Igus with Panasonic servo driving technique.
Servicing-free linear bearings of the cross-reducing knife made in Germany.
Panasonic inverter speed-regulating technique(consist of communication cables).
Temperature sensors and controllers produced by Siemens Germany or made by Omron Japan.
Stainless steel chain from REGINA Italy.
Pneumatic tensioning mechanism, pneumatic brake, prestress adjustable for each prime and base film.
Outfitted with film deviation computerized correcting method.
Geared up with film rigidity regulating program, the pc can routinely identify the sizes of rollers, automatically adjust stress to maintain the very same pressure of higher and decrease films.

Packing Samples:


Charqui Dried Meat Biltong Vacuum Packing Machine