Composite Rubber Backed Ceramic Wear Tile Liner

Composite Rubber Backed Ceramic Wear Tile Liner

Composite Rubber Backed Ceramic Wear Tile Liner

Chemshun make put on abrasion ceramics merchandise selection is as follows:

1.92%Al2O3 & 95% Al2O3 CZPT use resistant alumina ceramic liner/cylinder/mosaic/hexagon tile/ceramic cubes.

2.Abrasion resistant substantial alumina ceramic pipe/tubes ,diameter from 20mm to 500mm

3.Ceramic rubber wear liner/Steel Rubber ceramic composite panel.

four.Put on resistant pre-engineering tile in a range of geometric styles from simple to sophisticated,the ceramics can be engineered or moulded to particular designs to customer’s prerequisite.

5.Ceramic lined approach gear like pipes,,bends,chutes,hoppers,bunkers, cyclonesetc.

Chemshun alumina ceramic liner has excellent abrasion resistance,affect resistant,corrosion resistance, heat resistance,it is widely utilized in the mining,mineral procedure, energy generation plant,metal plant,cement industries, petro-chemical refining, coal washery, port .Common items gear require dress in linings are: Agitators Bends Branches bunker Chutes Classifiers Cones Cyclones express belt Distribution Box Ejectors Enthusiasts Feeders Hopper Launders Manifolds Mills Orifice Pipes Pipe Bends Pipe fitting Pulley lagging Silos Splitter Containers Spoons Square Bends Sq. to Round Tanks Troughs Transfer points T-Pieces Y-Parts and so on.
Not only skilled creating alumina industrial ceramics, Chemshun technician staff and set up group who can help the client to select the appropriate merchandise and pay for the CAD layout drawings for the pre-engineered tiles, created format drawing and installation of ceramics for the customers.

Chemshun Abrasion-resistant alumina ceramic rubber liner (Al2O3: ninety two%, 95%)

Wear resistant large alumina ceramic embeded in rubber:

—- Character: High affect, abrasion resistance, corrision resistance, high temperature resistance

—–dimension: 200*two hundred mm 300*300 mm five hundred*five hundred mm

—–construction: Rubber+ ceramic CZPT, rubber +ceramic+steel plate CZPT

——software sector: Mining, mineral, cement, coal electrical power generation, metal sector, port, substance dealing with program

——software equipment:

— ash pipeline — mixer troughs
— belt discharge chutes — pipe bends
— bunker spirals — pipes
— bunkers — pneumatic backfill strains
— channels — priling tower bottoms
— chutes — pulpers
— circulating air separators — receivers
— ongoing movement conveyors — screw conveyor troughs
— cyclones — separators
— dissolving tanks — environment basins
— drying sections — shaft spiral
— dust collectingequipment — dust collecting pipes — silos
— fans — sinter troughs
— flue gasoline ducts — tailing lines
— flumes — tanks
— gravele lrease tunnels — hoppers of rotary dryers — tubular chain conveyors
— hydro-cyclones — turbo separators
— launders — vibrating troughs
— washing drums

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Product Index
Articles of alumina ninety five% or 92% CZPT
Denisty ≥ three.5g/cm3
Rockwell hardness ≥ eighty HRA
Impact toughness ≥ 850 Mpa
Fracture toughness ≥ 4.eight Mpa . m½
Bending strenght ≥290 Mpa
Thermal conductivity twenty W/ M. K
Thermal growth coefficient seven.2 * ten-6M/M.K


Composite Rubber Backed Ceramic Wear Tile Liner