Gypsum Ceiling H Strip Making Machine

Gypsum Ceiling H Strip Making Machine

gypsum ceiling h strip producing machine

Galvanized H strip is used for gypsum ceiling .It is utilised a great deal in South Africa.It is commonly utilised for gypsum board ceiling.Our H jointing strip equipment is composed of solitary arm manual decoiler,major forming device,servo motor monitoring,management box and hydraulic pump.With servo motor non cease chopping system,the speed of forming device is about forty-45meters/minute.


Galvanized H jointing strip producing equipment is computerized forming line,saves labor.


1.H strip type specification:

1)Content:hot dipped galvanized coil,galvalume steel

two)Thickness of material:.3-.5mm

3)Yield strength:550mpa

4)Width of material:68.5mm

Main technical conditions of the forming line:


Voltage:380V,50HZ,3P(or according to customer request)

Air pressure:.six~1.2Mpa

Total Power:≈8.5kw

Production capacity:-50meters/min(CZPT punching,no stop cutting)

Dimension (L*W*H): L≈ 4.3 m, W≈ 0.9 m, H≈ 1.5 m 

Specification of the shipping container:(the number is pre-estimated ≈, final data should be confirmed in two weeks before delivery.) 




3. Flow Chart of roll forming machine:


five.Photos of Machine




six. Technology parameters:

The weight of machine is about 3.5tons

The total dimension of machine:5300(L)*900(W)*1500mm(H) Two head head Manual uncoiler: 1SET
Capacity of uncoiler:2-3tons
Expansion of segment:Handbook

Rotation of segment:ManualNumber of segment:four

Approximate size:Length:2.3m width:1.1m height:one.5m

6.2 Feeding&levelling:

Entrance and adjustable wheel: 2rolls

Qty: 1

6.three Main forming machine:

It adopts separate wall structure with gear box transmission.The machine base is made by welded steel with destressing treatment.

  Coil thickness:.35-.8mm
Main motor type: 3 phase asynchronous motor

Main motor power: 15KW

Forming speed: 0-50m/min(CZPT punching),-30m/min(with punching)

Approx. 14 groups rollers

Roller : Roller Material is forged Cr12, HRC58-sixty two

Shaft:  Shafts  of rollers are tooled by grinding machine for two times to ensure the precision of final product. Diameter of main shaft: ø60mm

Material of shaft:40cr,quenching HRC45

Transmission type: by gear box and chain

Power of servo tracking cutting:3kw

six.four CZPT System:

 Material of blade: Cr12Mov(HRC58-sixty two)

Length measuring: Automatic encoder length measuring 

(Encoder Brand:Omron)

Power of cutting:5kw

Way of cutting:no stop cutting&punching(servo tracking)

Punching die:adopt cell structure design,the die is adjustable.It has features like long life,easy replacement and repairing.

six.5 Punching system:

Material of punching die:CR12,HRC58-sixty two

six.six Product support frame
Dimension:L 6m x W 0.4m

Power of motor:2kw

Total length of table:6 meters

Driving of table:by one inch chain,

Power of pushing device:5kw motor

Sensors fix on pushing device,to make sure it push the ready sheet perfect.

The speed of collecting table should be a little bit higher than forming machine to insure smooth running. PLC Control System

The whole line is controlled by PLC and touch screen.The PLC system is with high speed communication module,it is easy for operation.The technical data and system parameter can be set by touch screen.

Control the quantity &punching length& cutting length automatically

The Machine will be no stop while it is punching and cutting

Automatic Length  measurement and quantity counting (precision 3m+/-3m






Gypsum Ceiling H Strip Making Machine