Lh Series Steel Forlkift Leaf Chain

Lh Series Steel Forlkift Leaf Chain

LH Collection Steel Forklift Leaf Chain (LH2422, LH4844)

Utilized exclusively for lifting applications, mainly identified on forklift vans.

Leaf Chain(LH-BL Series)
Leaf Chain(LL Collection)
Leaf Chain(AL Sequence)
Vehicle Parking Chain

Business Detail:

TAI is one of a skilled exporter with exporting Electrical power TRANSMISSION Components: Roller chains, CZPT Chains, Stainless Steel Chains, agricultural chains, metal removable chains, unique chains, sprockets, s. S. Sprockets, HRC couplings, pulleys, bushes and many others. All these goods have been equipped often to Planet Extensive for in excess of fifteen a long time.

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Tran-Auto CZPT Co., Constrained
716 Gold River Center, NO. 88 Shishan Rd.,
New District, HangCZPT, P. R. China. P. C.: 215011
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Fax: -512-65529992

ISO Chain No.

ANSI Chain No.

Pitch Plates
Plate Depth
Plate Thickness
Pin Diameter Pin Length
Tensile toughness
Regular tensile strength Bodyweight
Per Meter
P   h2
T d2
Qo q
mm mm mm mm mm kN kN Kg/m
LH2422 BL1222 38.10 2 x 2 36.20 5.77 12.seventy one 29.sixty two 151.20 192.00 4.sixty
LH2423 BL1223 two x three 35.43 151.20 192.00 five.eighty
LH2434 BL1234 three x 4 forty seven.07 244.sixty 308.10 8.10
LH2444 BL1244 four x four 52.88 302.fifty 381.10 9.thirty
LH2446 BL1246 4 x 6 64.fifty two 302.50 381.ten eleven.sixty
LH2466 BL1266 six x 6 76.15 453.70 543.60 thirteen.90
LH2488 BL1288 8 x eight 99.42 605.00 726.00 18.sixty
LH2822 BL1422 44.45 two x 2 forty two.24 six.fifty five fourteen.29 33.fifty five 191.30 225.70 six.ten
LH2823 BL1423 two x 3 40.16 191.thirty 225.70 seven.60
LH2834 BL1434 3 x 4 53.37 315.eighty 372.60 ten.sixty
LH2844 BL1444 4 x four fifty nine.ninety seven 382.sixty 451.twenty twelve.20
LH2846 BL1446 four x six seventy three.18 382.sixty 451.20 15.twenty
LH2866 BL1466 6 x six 86.39 578.30 682.forty 18.twenty
LH2888 BL488 8 x eight 112.eight 765.10 902.eighty 24.thirty
LH3222 BL1622 fifty.80 two x two 48.26 seven.52 17.46 39.01 289.10 341.10 8.00
LH3223 BL1623 two x three forty six.fifty eight 289.ten 341.10 10.00
LH3234 BL1634 3 x 4 61.72 440.forty 519.60 fourteen.00
LH3244 BL1644 4 x 4 sixty nine.29 578.30 680.forty 16.00
LH3246 BL1646 four x 6 eighty four.43 578.thirty 684.forty twenty.00
LH3266 BL1666 six x 6 ninety nine.57 857.40 1000.70 24.00
LH3288 BL1688 8 x eight 129.eighty four 1156.sixty 1364.60 32.00
LH4571 BL2571 sixty three.fifty two x 2 60.33 9.ninety one 23.81 fifty one.74 433.70 511.70 fifteen.eighty
LH4571 BL2571 two x three sixty one.70 433.70 511.70 19.eighty
LH4034 BL2034 3 x four 81.61 649.forty 766.twenty 27.70
LH4044 BL2044 four x four ninety one.57 867.40 1571.fifty 31.sixty
LH4046 BL2046 4 x six 111.forty eight 867.forty 1571.50 39.50
LH4066 BL2066 six x six 131.39 1301.10 1535.twenty 47.40
LH4088 BL2088 eight x eight 171.22 1734.eighty 2046.20 63.twenty

Lh Series Steel Forlkift Leaf Chain