Modern Design Steel Energy Cable Carrier Chain

Modern Design Steel Energy Cable Carrier Chain

Fat bearing metal cable carrier chain china producer

Products descriptions:

We wre leading manufacturers of Metallic Drag Chains.


1.We supply substantial quality metallic and plastic Drag chains as per your necessity.
2.Cable carriers or drag chains are simple guides that are utilized to encompass different varieties of hoses and cables.
3.A drag chain helps to reduce the dress in and tear on the hose or cable it protects, even though also assisting to ease the diploma of tangle that can at times arise with extended lengths of hose.
4.As such, the chain can also be noticed as a security gadget.
Specification sort

Solution model  Pitch distance Bending radius Min / max width Drag chain peak Drag chain size Maximum aperture of support plate      Rectangular hole
TL-one hundred twenty five 125mm 200/250/three hundred/350/470/five hundred/575/seven hundred/750mm 120mm–550mm 96mm CZPT 75mm 72mm

Equipment, cranes, vehicle washes, healthcare and laboratory equipment.
Computerized warehousing
CZPT robots
Offshore oil rigs
Phase technology
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Modern Design Steel Energy Cable Carrier Chain