Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Conveyor Chain Conveyor Belt

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Conveyor Chain Conveyor Belt

1&period Substantial tensile power&colon Metal wire conveyor belt is suitable for big span&comma extended distance transportation of components&interval
2&period Small elongation in use&colon It need only a very short get-up stroke length&period of time
three&interval Little diameter of push pulley&colon Steel cord conveyor belt body has a layer of longitudinally organized steel cords as its carcass&comma and hence is resistant to flex fatigue&interval Therefore&comma drive pulley of scaled-down diameter can be used to make the products more compact&period
4&time period Substantial adhesion amongst rubber and metal wire&colon The steel cords are coated with zinc on their floor&commaand also the rubber utilized has the house of excellent adhesion with metal cords&period As a result&comma the rubber is tightly adhered to the steel cords and is resistant to shock and hard to drop&commaso the rubber belts are extended in life&interval
5&time period Even tension of steel cords&colonOut of our advanced methods in producing&comma the steel cords are really evenly organized and have the same pressure&comma so the belts are well well balanced in managing and tough to run away&time period
six&interval Very good troughability&colon As the belt physique has no transverse skeleton&comma it is easy to from a deep trough&commaso the belts can load a lot more resources and stop the materials from escaping&period of time
7&period Inspection of the belt with X-rays&colon Users can X-rays to inspect damages of the skeleton steel cords on the conveyor devices to prevent accidents from taking place&time period
Go over Compounds&colon CZPT&comma Fire-resistant&comma Chilly-resistant&comma Abrasion-resistant&comma Warmth-resistant and Chemical-resistant&period of time
CZPTs offered&colon GB&solT9770&comma DIN22131&comma EN ISO 15236&comma BS490&comma JIS&comma SANS1366 and AS1333&period of time
Adhesion of Steel Cord

Strength ST600 ST800 ST1000 ST1250 ST1600 ST2000 ST2500 ST3150 ST4000 ST4500 ST5000 ST5400 ST6300
Adhesion N&solmm 54 sixty sixty four sixty nine 74 eighty four 98 108 118        
Adhesion N&solmm sixty 70 eighty ninety five a hundred and five a hundred and five one hundred thirty a hundred and forty a hundred forty five a hundred and fifty 165 175 a hundred and eighty

  CZPT Specifications

Belt strength
Wire Diam d
Cord Construction Pitch P
CZPT operating
CZPT Rubber Include
thicknes t1t2&lparmm&rpar
Belt Excess weight
diam&period of time&lparmm&rpar
Twine Strength
ST-630 three&period0 six&ast7&plus1WS ten ninety five&ast5 20&period0 800 six&period93
ST-800 three&period5 six&ast7&plus1WS 10 one hundred ten five&ast5 20&period6 800 eight&period8
ST-1000 4&period0 6&ast7&plus1WS twelve a hundred and forty six&ast6 24&period7 800 thirteen&period2
ST-1250 four&period5 six&ast7&plus1WS 12 175 6&ast6 twenty five&period4 800 sixteen&period5
ST-1600 five&period0 six&ast19&plus1WS twelve 225 6&ast6 26&period0 a thousand 21&period12
ST-2000 6&period0 6&ast19&plus1WS twelve 285 8&ast6 thirty&period0 a thousand 26&period4
ST-2500 7&period5 six&ast19W&plus1WS fifteen 355 eight&ast6 32&period2 1250 41&period25
ST-3150 8&period1 six&ast19W&plus1WS 15 450 8&ast8 35&period7 1400 51&period98
ST-4000 9&period1 6&ast19W&plus1WS 17 570 eight&ast8 37&period8 1600 seventy four&period8
ST-4500 nine&period7 six&ast19W&plus1WS sixteen 645 8&ast8 38&period7 1800 79&period2
ST-5000 ten&period9 6&ast19W&plus1WS 17 715 8&period5&ast8&period5 41&period9 1800 ninety three&period5
ST-5400 eleven&period3 6&ast19W&plus1WS seventeen 760 9&ast9 43&period9 2000 one hundred and one
ST-6300 12&period3 six&ast19W&plus1WS eighteen 900 ten&ast10 forty eight&period3 2000 124&period74

Number of Steel Cords

ST600 ST800 ST1000 ST1250 ST1600 ST2000 ST2500 ST3150 ST4000 ST4500 ST5000 ST5400 ST6300
800 75 seventy five sixty three 63 sixty three 63 50 50          
1000 ninety five ninety five seventy nine 79 seventy nine seventy nine 64 64 fifty six sixty fifty six 56 52
1200 113 113 94 94 94 94 seventy six seventy six 68 seventy two sixty eight 68 63
1400 133 133 111 111 111 111 89 89 79 84 79 seventy nine seventy four
1600 151 151 126 126 126 126 101 101 91 96 ninety one 91 85
1800   171 143 143 143 143 114 114 103 107 103 103 96
2000     159 159 159 159 128 128 114 one hundred twenty 114 114 107
2200           176 141 141 one hundred twenty five 133 125 125 118
2400           193 one hundred fifty five one hundred fifty five 137 146 137 137 129


Test products Property indexes
GB700-88 DIN22131-88
Course H Course M Course W Class X Class Y
Tensile energy Mpa&geq seventeen&period65 thirteen&period73 18 twenty five twenty
Elongation at crack &percnt&geq 450 four hundred four hundred 450 four hundred
After aging
Change price of tensile toughness
Adjust charge of elongation
&percnt -25~&plus250 -twenty five~&plus250 -twenty five~&plus250 -25~&plus250 -twenty five~&plus250
Abrasion &period6cm3&sol1&period61Km &period8cm3&sol1&period61Km 90cm3 120cm3 150cm3


Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Conveyor Chain Conveyor Belt