3000t D Clinker Dry Process Rotary Kiln Cement Plant

3000t D Clinker Dry Process Rotary Kiln Cement Plant

3000t/d clinker dry method rotary kiln cement plant 

    1. SCOPE OF Perform

one.two.1 CZPT supply
one.2.1.one The scope of CZPT supply of this proposal for the 3000 t/d manufacturing line is from the raw content crushing to the to the cement packing and dispatching, which is divided into the subsequent techniques: 

Office 1: Extraction of uncooked resources
Segment one:  Limestone Crushing & Conveying
Area two:  Corrective Content Crushing & Conveying

Section 2: Preparation of uncooked resources
Segment one:  Limestone Preblending Storage
Part 2:  Corrective Materials Preblending Storage
Section 3:  Raw Substance Proportion Station

Office three: Raw Meal Planning
Part 1:  Raw Material Grinding and Exhaust-gasoline Dedusting
Section two:  Homogenizing Silo & Kiln feeding Program

Section 4: Clinker manufacture
Segment 1:  Preheater & Precalciner
Section two:  Kiln & Tertiary Air Duct
Section three:  Grate Cooler
Segment four:  Clinker Storage & Conveying

Division 5: Cement manufacture
Segment 1: Cement Mill Feeding Method
Section 2:  Clinker Grinding Method
Segment 3:  Cement Storing & Conveying

Section six: Packing & Bulk Loading
Area one:  Cement Packing
Area two:  Cement Bulk Loading

Section seven: Gasoline Coal Technique
Area one:  Pulverized coal preparation

Division eight: Others
Part 1:  Compressed Air Station
Segment two:  CCR
Segment 3:  LAB

        1. The subsequent auxiliary equipment and other equipment in the production line will be provided:

Belt conveyors
Air slides
Screw conveyors
Chain conveyors
Apron conveyor
Apron feeder
Rotary feeder
Dust collectors
Ventilators and fans
Damper & Valves
Metal detector
Magnetic separators
Dosing and weighing products
Weighing bridge
Grinding media
Sampling equipment
Laboratory gear
CZPTal Equipment And ≤10kv Electrical power Transformer
Motor manage centers
Subject instrumentation
DCS system
Wire and Cable
Plant Lights
Drinking water Providing and Drainage
Non-regular Areas
Two-Year CZPT Elements


3000t D Clinker Dry Process Rotary Kiln Cement Plant