Customized PVC Treadmill Conveyor Belt Running Belt for Treadmill

Customized PVC Treadmill Conveyor Belt Running Belt for Treadmill


Our company gives running belts with diverse profile and thickness for treadmill, , specifically suitable for mechanical treadmill and motorized treadmill. The products are anti-static and with minimal sound, we make the working belts accroding to the consumer request, our thickness from one.2MM-four.0MM, we can print your require emblem on the running belts.


Light obligation conveyor belts are created for all applications with a variety of materials impregnation like polyester, nylon, cotton, strong woven, fiberglass and so forth. Belts are CZPT in distinct hues like eco-friendly, white, black, blue and thickness from .five mm to fifteen mm up to 3500 mm width and with leading surface area coating Rubber,

The primary goods incorporate flat area series, anti-slid sequence which diversified in a lot of textures for conference diverse conveying problems and surroundings, showcasing anti-static, anti-corrosion, flame retardant and many others.

There are broad assortment of designs of rough best belt CZPT which includes Diamond, Chevron, Herringbone, Rib, Grid, Wave, Spherical and Oval nubs, Convex-tooth etc.

Item parameters

Explain Dimensions(mm) Colour Remark
running belt 620*3350*3.2mm black Commercial,Germany’s material,grass,diamond and golf 
running belt 620*3350*2.5mm black Professional,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond and golf 
running belt 2630*480*1.six black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2750*five hundred*1.6 black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2665*410*1.6 black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2670*450*1.six black Residence,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 1705*300*one.four black Residence,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2115*350*one.four black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 320X2120MM*one.4 black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 400X2320MM*one.four black Residence,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2380*385*one.6 black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2620*420*one.six black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2555*430*1.6 black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 3571*five hundred*1.8 black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2900*480*one.eight black Residence,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2850*510*one.6 black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2350*360*one.6 black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2400*380*1.six black Residence,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 510*2985*2. black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond


Positive aspects:

Lower running noise and fees, decreased servicing, superb durability.
Largely impervious to oils, greases and numerous chemicals.
Unique types give superb grip on inclination.
Abrasion resistant – rugged, higher strength – low extend characteristic.
Gentle and thin, better power / weight ratio – strength preserving.
Superb monitoring more than wonderful duration – longitudinally versatile and laterally stiff.

The principal items contain flat surface area series, anti-slid series which diversified in a great deal of textures for meeting diverse conveying situations and atmosphere, that includes anti-static, anti-corrosion, flame retardant and so on.

There are wide variety of patterns of rough prime belt CZPT such as Diamond, Chevron, Herringbone, Rib, Grid, Wave, Spherical and Oval nubs, Convex-tooth etc.

Contact Specifics

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Customized PVC Treadmill Conveyor Belt Running Belt for Treadmill