FeSi, Feni, Calcium Carbide Plant and Steel Making Industry Semi Coke

FeSi, Feni, Calcium Carbide Plant and Steel Making Industry Semi Coke

CZPTg Team Materials Semi Coke

      As an unbiased commodity buying and selling home with active passions in mine operations and production facilities, CZPTg Team is a manufacturer, marketer and trader that offers modern products and semi-coke bulk provide chain solutions CZPT. CZPTg Group makes trade much better and provides value to the supply chain routines. We manufacture and source competitively priced on-spec semi coke items for shipping and delivery to our industrial customers. We search far and extensive to secure extended-term cost-efficient provides. Our main experience lies in our international creating and source foundation managed by our professionals of investing functions throughout 5 continents. We are also in a position to source from locations in which useful resource is plentiful and ship them to where they are required. We bring our spouse producers closer to the world-wide market place including generating their price tag globally competitive. We deliver shipments to our buyers preferred locations, guaranteeing the grading standards and quality thresholds. Our company chain product passes on all price benefits to our brokers and stop customers.

      Provide: to any bulk port terminal with coke managing and storage facility

      CZPTg Capacity to offer yearly: 500,000+ metric tons each year

      Marketplaces: Asia, CZPTpe ,Africa, South America and CZPTia.

Introduction of CZPTg-produced Semi Coke

      CZPTg-created Semi-coke is light-weight black, characterised by large fastened carbon, high certain resistance, high chemical action, low ash content, minimal sulfur and Lower phosphorus. It is wildly utilized to such industries as chemical business, metallurgic industry, and gas- creating sector to create calcium carbide, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, silicomanganese, fertilizer, and many others. Semi coke is produced from higher grade Jurassic coal as a new variety of carbon substance. It willsubstitute some metallurgical coke in creating ferroalloys merchandise. Our semi coke can be employed in smelting too.

Semi Coke Products Application

    Our semi coke powder is employed in blast furnace rather of coal injection in steel-making.

    -6mm semi coke is generally utilized for sintering Mn ore in approach of manufacturing SiMn or utilizing in other sinter mill.

    6-18mm semi coke is usually utilized in creating Ferronickel , Ferrosilicon ,Calcium Carbide and other ferroalloy.


CZPTg Semi Coke Middle Substance Specification Parameters

Size    18-30mm
Fixed Carbon   ≥83%
Ash  ≤8%  
Sulphur   ≤ .40%-.fifty%
Moisture      10-fifteen%     
Phosphorus    ≤0.012%
  w(k+Na)     ≤0.2%

Advantage of CZPTg Semi Coke

     We largely supply Semi Coke, electrode paste and other Sector items. We concentrate on Ferroalloys sector such as Fesi Plant,FeNi Plant,Calcium Carbide plant and Metal Generating Market. As our principal product, semi coke has advantage of minimal ash, low sulfur and low phosphorus, higher set carbon, high electrical resistance and high re-exercise. It can minimize unit ton electric powered power consumption a lot more than 2000 Diploma than metallurgical coke, and can increase ferroalloys merchandise good quality since of low sulfur and lower phosphorus.Our unit ton power intake for fesi 75% can reduced than 8300 diploma.

What need to we pay consideration to when utilizing semi coke

    1. Semi coke need to have rainproof measures for the duration of storage to steer clear of moist rain.
    2. Stove that utilizes semi coke must not converse with the bed room as considerably as achievable to stop gas poisoning.
    3. In the course of the use of semi coke, regularly cleanse the flue to make certain the entire combustion of semi coke.
    four. Incorporate enough coal at 1 time. Include coal in the center and late time period of combustion to avert the furnace temperature from becoming way too reduced and extinguishing the hearth.
    5. The top and diameter of the chimney must be ensured, and the chimney interface and the chimney itself must not leak (the chimney is as well lower or also skinny will cause the heating furnace to not burn up usually, seal the fireplace and extinguish the fire, and so forth.).
    6. Modify the dimension of the air inlet on the dust removal door in accordance to the predicament when sealing the furnace, to prevent the scenario that the fire can not be sealed or extinguished when the furnace is sealed.
    seven. If a chimney hat is additional, the hat should be a lot more than fifty cm away from the mouth of the chimney.


FeSi, Feni, Calcium Carbide Plant and Steel Making Industry Semi Coke