High Quality Rubber Conveyor Belt for Mining

High Quality Rubber Conveyor Belt for Mining

Substantial high quality rubber conveyor belt for mining

Polyester core conveyer belt is a multi-layer polyester canvas bonded collectively by a certain way, from leading to bottom protection of high strength, great dress in-resistant flexible rubber, no particular corrosion for the transmission of tiny and medium-sized block, powder, granular and other supplies. 

GB/T7984-2001, DIN22102, BS490, AS1332, RMA, JISK6322, SABS1173 etc 


Good flexibility, groove formation property and cost-successful. It is mainly used to transport powder,small and medium granular or less wearing materials at common temperature. 

Relevant to extended-distance, high capacity, high-speed delivery of components underneath the conditions.
Utilised in mining, quarries, chemical vegetation, architectural business and etc.




Fabric specs Ply thickness (mm/p) Strength series (N/mm) Cover Thickness (mm) Width Duration
    2ply 3ply 4ply 5ply 6ply Top Base mm m
EP80 .60 160 240 320 400 480 two.–eight –four.five four hundred-2500 ≤300
EP100 .seventy five 200 three hundred 400 500 600
EP150 1.00 three hundred 450 600 750 900
EP200 1.ten four hundred 600 800 one thousand 1200 500  —  2500
EP250 one.25 five hundred 750 a thousand 1250 1500
EP300 1.35 600 900 1200 1500 1800
EP350 1.forty five   1050 1400 1750 2100 800  —  2500
EP400 one.55     1600 2000 2400 1000  —  2500
EP500 one.70     2000 2500 3000


5. Marketplace and customers:

Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait Mid east international locations.
Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Algeria, South Africa African nations around the world. 
Indonesia, Vitnam, MCZPT, Malaysia,Pilipinas, Srilanka, Pakistan, Korea Asia nations.
The united states, Canada, Brazil, Argentine, Peru, Chile ….


High Quality Rubber Conveyor Belt for Mining